A Space full of Drawings and a Drawing in Space
June 6 – July 25, 2020

with works by Stephen Antonakos, John Beech, Hal Busse, Olaf Holzapfel, Bernd Lohaus, Aron Mehzion, Ferdinand Penker, Joanna Przybyla, Fred Sandback, Elodie Seguin, Günther Uecker.











Represented Artists: Stephen Antonakos, John BeechMatthew Buckingham, Nina Canell, Vajiko Chachkhiani, Braco Dimitrijevic, Zvi Goldstein, Olaf Holzapfel, Sofia Hultén, Axel Hütte, Bernd Lohaus, Aron Mehzion, Ferdinand Penker, Magnus Plessen, Elodie Seguin, Johannes Wald